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Passport Photo Requirements

Passport Photo Requirements

Ever go to take your passport photos only to rejected for not meeting the passport photo requirements in the United States? While you would think it would be easier than that. Just show up, take your photos and you should be done right? Well if you are unprepared you might be just wasting your time. Don’t waste your precious time.

In this article you will read the passport photo requirements so you can get it done the first time and avoid any hassles. These requirements are ONLY for the United States.

Passport Photo Examples

You have to provide 1 photo together with your passport application.

  • You have to possess a neutral facial expression or a simple smile, together with the eyes open.
  • Photo should be taken in your typically clothes worn daily
  • Photo must have been taken within the previous  few weeks
  • Use an ordinary white or offwhite background
  • Be sized properly

2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 millimeters )
Head needs to be between 1 -1 3/8 inches (25 – 35 millimeter ) from the base of the chin to the top of your head

  • Printed on glossy or matte photo quality paper
  • Printed in color
  • You can’t wear glasses.

In case you can’t remove your eyeglasses medical reasons, please add a signed note from a physician with the application.

  • No hats or head coverings.

Should you put on a hat or head covering for religious motives, submit a signed statement which verifies that the hat or head covering on your photo a section of accepted,                        conventional religious attire that’s customarily or must be worn out in public.

Should you put on a hat or head covering for medical reasons, submit a signed physician’s statement confirming that the hat or head covering on your photo needs to be used                   daily for clinical purposes.

Your entire face has to be visible as well as your own hat or head covering can’t obscure your own hairline or reflect shadows in your face.

  • You Can’t use headset or wireless hands free apparatus

The pros here at MR Fingerprints can help you get your passport photo requirements and get you those passport photos done fast.

Book your appointment in our Passport Photos Los Angeles page.We can answer any questions that might arise. Below are the most commonly asked questions.

Photo Background and Size

An adequate passport photo is square and also exactly two inches by two inches. It ought to ensure your head is on center, your shoulders and neck are observable and your own face should use up about half of the space. The photo’s background needs to be white or off-white.

Don’t concern yourself about those conditions in the event that you’re planning to receive your snaps obtained by means of a business which provides passport pictures. Mr. Fingerprints has things put up to comply with this size and backdrop instructions. The investment is rewarding because paying a specialist to take the photo will make sure it adheres to regulations and is so accepted.

The Way to Take the Photo

The single clothing dependence on passport photos is all subjects not wear a uniform of any type. The image needs to show you from the shoulders upward. Groom yourself to look how you typically appear in life, that is how your passport photo should look. Custom agents as well as TSA agents ought to have the ability to compare your own face to your own passport photo and then comprehend instantly they’re a perfect match.

NO hats or head coverings unless required by doctor or for religious purposes. You must provide a doctor’s note or a written letter from your religious group establishing that your head-ware is required by religion rules.

NO sunglasses or eyeglasses. Even in the event that you wear glasses all of the time, they can not show up from the photo. Face the camera directly on and grin naturally or embrace a neutral saying. Try to not blink. The photo has to present that your eyes open. The photographer should provide at least 2 high profile prints on paper.

Photo Strategies for Kids

Kids require exactly the exact same passport photo conditions that adults do, with the exclusion of babies and young toddlers that are not competent to sit down and pose on command. An adult mightn’t come in the little one’s photo, therefore if a child isn’t able to sit or stand facing a photographer, put her onto a white sheet and then shoot the photo from overhead.

Wait patiently to take the kid’s passport photo until only before applying for his or her passport. The passport acceptance agent will confirm the youngster appears like in real life as the passport photos. Also the images will probably be rejected if they reveal her appearing much younger or even different than she looks in real existence.

These are the most commonly asked questions about passport photo requirements

Can I wear glasses in my passport photo?

Any kind of glasses are unexceptable.

If you can’t remove your eyeglasses for medical reasons, you need to submit a signed statement from a physician with your passport application.

How should my pose for the photo be?

You face should have a neutral expression or natural smile. Face the camera with your head centered in the frame and not tilted.

Can I smile for my passport photo?

Smiling in your photo is acceptable but not an exaggerated smile.

If I change my appearance do I need a new photo? (hair color change, grown beard, etc...)

If just your look has considerably changed from what’s on your present passport. Growing a beard or coloring your own hair wouldn’t constitute an important change. If you’re able to  be recognized in the photograph in your present passport, then you don’t have to make a new application for a passport.

You might have to apply for a new passport in case you’ve:

  • Had facial surgery or trauma that is significant
  • Have added or removed large piercings or tattoos to your face
  • Have lost a significant amount of weight or gained
  • Have made a gender transition

In case the visual appeal of your child below the age of 16 has changed because of the normal aging process, you don’t have to make an application for a new passport for her or him.

Can I be wearing a uniform in my passport photo?

Uniforms or anything that resembles a uniform is unexceptable, neither is camouflage attire.

cn I wear a head covering or hat in my passport photo?

You may put on a hat or head covering, but you have to submit a statement which verifies the hat or head covering is a part of accepted, conventional religious attire that’s customarily or needed to be worn and must be a signed physician’s statement confirming that the merchandise is used everyday for clinical purposes.

Your entire face has to be visible and your hat or head covering can’t cover your hairline or have shadows in your face.

What is the way to take a photo for a toddler or baby?

Baby and toddler photos should be only the child in the photo.

On a plain white sheet lay your baby on his or her back. Make sure there are no shadows on the baby’s face. You can also use a plain white sheet in the baby’s carseat and take the picture there.

Can my children have their eyes closed for a passport photo?

Infants can have their eyes totally shut or partly open. All other kids need to have their eyes open.

Can my photo be digitally edited?

All digital alterations are not allowed EXCEPT for removing red-eye.

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