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Request your own Criminal Background Checks

How To Request Your Criminal Background Checks

To request your own Criminal Background Checks there are some things you need to know. To gain access to the criminal history summary records provided by the California Department of Justice is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement departments and authorized applicant agencies. Nonetheless, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness.

To request a copy of YOUR criminal history record in California, individuals must first submit fingerprint images (also known as live scan), and pay the $25 processing fee to the Department of Justice (DOJ). There is also a rolling fee involve that you would need to pay to a third party agency who can submit your fingerprints through the live scan process.

California Residents

All California Applicants must submit Live Scan fingerprints.

Instructions, pdf | En Español, pdf.


  • Use the Live Scan Form (Form BCIA 8016RR, pdf), (BCIA 8016RR Spanish, pdf).
  • Check “Record Review” as the “Type of Application”.
  • Enter “Record Review” on the “Reason for Application” line.
  • Fill out all your personal information.
  • Take the completed form to any Live Scan site for fingerprinting services.

Where to find your criminal background checks

Fingerprinting services are available at most local police departments, sheriff’s offices or any public applicant Live Scan site. To find the sites nearest to you, their fingerprint rolling fees, and acceptable methods of payment. This process will take 3-5 business days for the DOJ to mail the applicant the results.

Once you have received your Record Review response, if you want to challenge the contents of your criminal record, you must complete the “Claim of Alleged Inaccuracy or Incompleteness” (form BCIA 8706), which will be included with your Record Review response if there is criminal information on your record. Mail the completed form, along with a copy of your criminal history record, to the address indicated on the form. Your challenge must specifically state the basis for the claim of inaccuracy or incompleteness and include any available proof or corroboration to substantiate your claim

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